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The Orchestra completed its South American Tour with 2 concerts in Santiago de Chile. The first concert was at Teatro Municipal, a beautiful 19th century opera house. The second was at Arena Moviestar before a tremendous audience of 6000!

For some reason, there were no programs and the presenter of the concert did not appear, leaving the audience to guess when to applaud…and they guessed wrong.

They applauded between movements, but at the end of the concert did not applaud at all! Instead, they remained quietly in their seats assuming the music would continue. Zubin Mehta and the orchestra left the stage thinking that the concert was over! Would the evening, and the tour, really end in confusion on such an embarrassing note????

Within minutes, the orchestra rallied for a quick return appearance. Zubin grabbed the cello microphone to clear up the confusion, and then directed 3 encores: Donner und Blitz Polka, Waltz from Swan Lake and Dvorak’s Slavonic Dance #8.

This time there was endless applause and a standing ovation for the Maestro and the Israel Philharmonic!


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