Beautiful Prague: synagogues, churches, the Charles Bridge, the Castle, goulash with dumplings washed down with a half liter of Czech lager; a tourist heaven…but we didn’t see any of it!

Our flight arrived  at 13:00, we waited an hour for suitcases before leaving the airport empty handed, crowded into the hotel, had a rushed meal in an Indian restaurant, an hour rest and left for rehearsal. Prague to be seen next time….but the concert was GREAT!

Broadcast live on national television, our concert was the final concert of the Dvorakova Music Festival held at the Rudolfinum, home of the Czech Philharmonic. It was a black-tie audience that greeted the orchestra in a concert of Beethoven, Mozart and Strauss.

At intermission Maestro Mehta was personally congratulated by the Grandson of Antonin Dvorak.

The Strauss received a standing ovation and the orchestra went on to perform an encore.

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