The Israel Philharmonic completed its short tour of the Baltic Countries, Finland, Lithuania and Estonia with a concert in Tallinn. Time was short and immediately after landing, orchestra members spread out through the old city for site seeing and lunch.

We ate at a restaurant offering a medieval period menu; barley, wild boar, lamb, lentils, wild mushrooms and mead; beer was served in ceramic pots. The restaurant was lit by candle power only and the waiters were dressed in period costumes; of course we were addressed as “My Lord!”  and we felt like “Lords”.

The concert of Tchaikovsky and Strauss was a huge success and immediately afterward, the Israel Ambassador hosted a reception for members of the orchestra, Maestro and Mrs. Mehta and local musicians.

The IPO leaves the Baltic States impressed by their great potential, their warm friendship for Israel and our common bonds of cultural harmony. Being a guest in the Baltic States has been a new and wonderful experience for the orchestra.

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