Last night the IPO performed in Las Vegas with soloist Yuja Wang while Hurricane Sandy battered the East Coast of the US. We returned to the hotel at 01:00 in the morning to scenes of un-imaginable scenes of destruction on our televisions.

Although our first thoughts were about if we would be able to return to Israel via New York’s JFK Airport, we also thought of how lucky the orchestra had been! If “Sandy” had struck 3 days earlier, we would have been forced to cancel the NY Gala in Carnegie Hall; we would have been stuck in NYC making the West Coast concerts impossible; we would have been sitting in a hotel with no electricity, phones or internet and still have no way to return to Israel!

Las Vegas has a brand new concert hall and it was packed for the IPO’s first appearance. Yuga Wang performed Chopin Piano Concerto #1 and 2 encores. Every piece; Schubert Symphony #3, Chopin and Brahms’ First Symphony, was met with a standing ovation! The orchestra arrived by charter airplane with its own private security check on the runway. No short-cuts in the US when talking about airport security!

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This morning at breakfast, all eyes were on Ofer, our travel agent. In the meantime he is maintaining silence as to our flight home.