The day begins in Rimini very differently than in Israel. The sky lightens over the quiet Adriatic Sea until the sun turns the clouds a golden red and sea a grey-green. In Tel Aviv, we receive the dawn out of the dessert and mountains, the sun hot and massive; already at full strength. The breeze from the beach brought the occasional fragrance of morning croissants from the hotels and I shared the beach with Chinese tourists looking for the magic “digital” moment. As Rimini’s day started, I thought of how in Israel, the last Sunday before Rosh HaShana was already underway.

Last night was the last Mahler Symphony of the tour, and as Zubin left the stage he said, “That’s it! Now do it with someone else!” The Mahler was a staple of the 75th anniversary year with performances starting last October in Tel Aviv, continuing in the US during the February tour, and 7 more times in Europe this summer.

At the Friday evening orchestra dinner, Zubin said his “thanks” to the “non-musical” people of the tour, Avi, Uzi, Yakov, Ofer, and his good-bye to three IPO members who are retiring from the orchestra, Naomi Enoch, Avraham Leventhal and Zeev Dorman.

The last stop is Verona, a 3 hour bus trip and evening concert.

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