As Maestro Mehta said, “At this point, I don’t know what city I’m in when I wake up.” One solution is sleeping with the tour book open to the right page, preferably under the pillow.

The cities are going by in a blur; Bonn, Cologne, Milano, then bus to Torino for a concert at the Agnelli Building, the old Fiat Factory. Today, the orchestra flew to Rotterdam for an evening concert at the “Doelen.”

For anyone who had hald an hour, Turin was beautiful; Piazza San Carlo, Piazza della Repubblica and “La Madama,” and with vast pedestrian malls like via Garibaldi in the older part of the city.

We said goodbye to our sax players Gan and Yanir, but will meet up with them again in Verona for the last “Bolero”.

Yesterday there were Palestinian flags outside of the hall and today we already have warnings about a possible demonstration.


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