The IPO performed Mahler’s 5th symphony at one of the most important locations for Israeli history, the Musiksaal in Basel, Switzerland. From this very stage Dr. Theodor Herzl conducted the first Zionist Congress in August 1897.

Before the afternoon rehearsal began, orchestra members visited the “Three Kings Hotel”, where Herzl stood on the balcony, and posed for photographs by the plaque in the hall where the Congress took place.

Ironically, outside, two protesters passed out anti-Zionist pamphlets.
The London Proms protest continues to make waves. It was announced today in the Jewish Chronicle that a musician who tried to disrupt the Proms pre-concert event presented by three members of the IPO was suspended from her job in the London Philharmonic Orchestra indefinitely. She had tried to read a protest letter signed by 26 London musicians. The session had effectively ended and she was disregarded by the audience by the time she started to “rant”.


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