It’s hard for us Israeli’s to believe that it takes 6 hours to fly coast to coast in one country (no food on the airplane, no room for carry-on bags, an additional 3 hours of jet-lag and only two toilets).  But Thursday, after concerts in Carnegie Hall and the Newark Arts Center we flew to the West Coast.

Seattle, where one sees the sea from almost every corner, is known for its micro-breweries, coffee houses, seafood and Asian cooking; perfect for a Friday after a tough flight with no concert or rehearsal.  The mountains are only an hour away and for the skiers, the snow was irresistible.  There was also a special group excursion to the Boeing Aircraft factory.  (All cameras and cell phones were confiscated at the gate.)

Friday night dinner

Friday night dinner

cross country skiing

For those who think the US Tour is starting to look like a “Tiul Shnati,” (school field trip) we now have ahead of us four concerts in four days: Seattle, San Francisco and LA.