The IPO began its 75th anniversary tour of the United States with Saturday night’s concert in Naples, Florida.  Zubin Mehta chose a program of Haydn Symphony 96, Liszt “Les Preludes” and Schubert “The Great”.  Zubin was re-called to the stage 6 times at the end of the Schubert, absolutely unprecedented in Naples!

The orchestra stayed in West Palm Beach on the opposite coast from Naples. Separating the 2 cities is a huge swamp: the “Everglades.”  We drove what the locals call “Alligator Alley”; a 150 km. stretch of highway with water and endless swamp on both sides.

Alligator Alley view

Our helpful drivers told us, “If you break-down here, you don’t get out of your car to fix it, you just sit tight!  There might be nothing left of you in the morning!” We certainly did sit tight and watched alligators float by and sun on the banks.