How do you stretch a 2 hour flight from Shanghai to Osaka into a 10 hour saga?

05:30 wake up; breakfast at dawn in Shanghai

06:30 departure for airport

07:15 check-in begins (Zubin holds up the line)

08:45 change of gate entire orchestra re-locates

09:30 take off (noodles and duck followed by soy dumpling dessert????)

11:45 landing in rainy Osaka after loosing our stomachs in some air pockets

12:00-14:00 Japanese immigration fingerprints and photographs the orchestra

14:15 load buses and start drive to Osaka Hilton

16:00 arrive Hilton in downtown Osaka

At least Japan feels like home-coming after China and we have the entire evening ahead of us! That means “Sushi Mistovev!”

Sushi in Japan - sushi mistovev :)

eating sushieating Sushi in Japan