We arrived in Bangkok on a hot Friday afternoon.  “Hot” in Bangkok means 34 degrees and 90% humidity.

Orchestra members took advantage of Shabbat to visit the Royal Palace grounds take a boat on the river (nice and cool) or shop.

Young IPO members barefoot at the royal palace

You could get around town on the Sky Train, in a cab, or if you didn’t mind the heat, a “tuk…tuk”, an open 3 wheel cab.

Sunday’s concert was the premiere event of the Bangkok Festival of the Arts, sponsored by the Royal Family.  Zubin and the orchestra opened the tour with Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” and Mahler’s First Symphony.

Backstage was a novel addition; a prayer room featuring all of your favorite gods; I’m sure the deities of intonation, ensemble and artistic inspiration were represented because it was an excellent concert!  The audience response was warm like the weather.

 Gods of Good performances Bangkok backstage