A crowd of 6,000 cheered the IPO and Zubin Mehta at the Luna Park Auditorium in downtown Buenos Aires last night.  

Zubin absolutely electrified the audience with three encore Polkas by Johann Strauss: “Tritsch-Tratsch”, “Light-foot,” and “Thunder and Lightening”. It was an incredible end to the concert which included Beethoven’s “Pastorale Symphony”, “Overture to Fledermaus,” “Emperor Waltz,” Piazzola’s “Adios Nonino” and Haydn’s trumpet concerto played by Yigael Meltzer.

6000 people at the Luna Park 

With the “Luna Park” concert, the orchestra finished it’s week long visit to Buenos Aires. 

The Luna Park Auditorium is a large sports arena, but with the addition of a stage and 4 tremendous video screens it was converted into a concert hall.  After the concert Zubin’s room was mobbed with well-wishers; among them, the Israeli Ambassador to Argentina, and the Mayor of Buenos Aires. 

Applause at the Luna Park 

Although the end of the tour is in sight, the last week is full of traveling; Sunday by ferry from Montevideo, Monday 4 hours by bus to Rosario, Tuesday fly to Cordova  and Wednesday, over the Andes to Santiago de Chili. 

End of the concert at the Luna Park