before the feastAsk a musician who has just returned from a 3-1/2 week tour how it was, and he will generally give a detailed report on what and where he ate.  Acoustics? Audience? Site seeing? Well, these are minor points compared to the satisfaction a really good meal can give when you’re away from home.  

bife  de chorizoBut, where does one eat in Buenos Aires?  Is there such a thing as a bad steak?  We took advice that filtered down at the breakfast table and went to the place “where the Russians eat”.  When we arrived there were no less than 4 tables with orchestra members.  Israel Philharmonic musicians were hard at work in duos, trios and quartets from the repertoire of “Bife de Chorizo” (sirloin), “Befe de Lomo” (tenderloin) and “Bife de Ojo”( Rib eye) (see photos)! satisfied customers 

Saturday is once again a travel day with a sail across the Rio de la Plat (River of Silver) which separates Buenos Aires from Montevideo.  It’s no small river and sailing time is a full 3 hours.